Virtos Noise Wizard

Virtos Noise Wizard 1.1

It's a DirectX-compatible plug-in to enhance audios and reduce the noise
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Virtos GmbH

Virtos Noise Wizard is a complete package of DirectX compatible plug-ins that is used to enhance your audio recordings quality and reduce the noise. This package contains several useful tools, including DeClicker/DeCrackler, DeNoiser, Filter Toolbox, Stereo Processor, Band Extrapolation. Virtos Noise Wizard works with DirectX host audio editors. So when you start the editor you’ll find this plug-in is available automatically. It enables you to improve the quality of bad or old audio recordings and remove any type of noise: stationary and impulsive, such as clicks, crackle, hiss, hum and other defects that are present in old audio materials.

Filter Toolbox is useful for high-accuracy digital filtering – high- and low-band pass and notch filtering. For post-processing, use the Band Extrapolation tool for high or low frequency harmonic synthesis to give life to dull recordings and enhance stereo effects in your recordings with the Stereo Processor.

The trial version has one limitation – it generates a beep sound every 5-10 seconds automatically.

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  • Enhances audios
  • Contains multiple tools


  • Not free
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